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Monday to Sunday
5pm to till late
Open 7 days a week

Our aim is to provide you with a mouthwatering adventure like no other. At Mornington Masala we are inspired to redefine indian cooking excellence, set in atmosphere plush surroundings with a naturally relaxing amblence.

We use only the freshest ingredients with authentic herbs and spieces to flavour. Each dish is a masterpiece for you to enjoy and is Complemented by our first class service. Experience the India of today.....

Contact Address: Mornington Masala
1E Albert St Mornington
Tel: 035 975 7377
Email: info@morningtonmasala.com.au

Services Available

  • Dine in and take away
  • Catering Available
  • Reasonable Price
  • Alcohol Beer, Wine and more
  • Reservation